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Спойлеры сезонов 4 и 5. Хью Лори в испании

Bill Keveney, a writer for USA Today, posted an article in today's online edition,   (2/29/08), in which he talked about getting shows back on track after the strike.  Here's what he said about House:

House (Fox)
Next new episode: April 28 (moves to Mondays)
New episodes to come: 4

House didn't have to wait for its return to have its episodes shuffled. A two-parter originally scheduled to run on Super Bowl Sunday and the following Tuesday now will close the season, creator David Shore says. In that finale, House (Hugh Laurie) will be in an accident and lose memory of the preceding hours, Shore says.

"He'll be finding out what he's forgotten and its significance. Bringing his memory back is crucial," he says. "It's going to be big."

Stories about doctors Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and their relationship to House will have to be put off until next season, Shore says.

He hasn't encountered any big problems resuming the show, though schedules will have to be adjusted because some actors took movie roles during the strike. Are he and the writers rusty after the long break? "The audience will let me know," he says.


In response to a fan’s question about House’s mysterious past, Jacobs replied that in Season Five, “there will be a road trip with House and [fellow doctor] Wilson that will reach into House’s past.”

стащено отседова:

Бедный Хаус. Все живут, в ус не дуют, а бедолага уже и инфаркт (или инсульт - или что там) в ноге заработал, на викодин подсел, в него стреляли, чяуть в тюрьму не упекли... Теперь еще и авария, отшиб памяти. И роад-муви в нагрузку. Ждем-ждем!

Но это все напряги сценаристов, Лори это не касается, вот он покамест по миру путешествует. В Испанию, например, заехал. Насколько я поняла, сниматься в ролике Швепса (его предшественником был Эдриан Броуди). Фоточки!! Такая кепочка!



Он с женой, оказывается, ездил. А где детишки? :-))))))
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